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Unical Aero \ P/N H2902-3UA Latch Assembly will be similar to Hartwell’s P/N H2902-3 Latch Assembly in fit, form, material and function.



Installs on: Engine Mount


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Unical Aero H2902-3UA Latch Assembly will be similar to Hartwell H2902-3 Latch Assembly in fit, form and function. Latch Assembly is installed to hold the NAC Strut Access Door Assembly P/N 311N5049-126 in place.

The Latch Assembly consists of 5 primary components for functionalities and assembly. The latching mechanism is with the Bolt, spring-loaded, in the closed position by Compression Springs. Two mechanical Connectors (links) are riveted together and connected to the Bolt, and the Spring Pin to assist in the mechanical movements of the Latch. The Adjust Nut contacting tip with the aircraft skin is molded over with a durable rubber silicone material. This is designed to reduce wear and tear on the aircraft skin and provides cushion for routine actuations.

B757-200, 300 SERIES

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