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314-2219-6UA & 314-2219-8UA

Strike Plate

Installs on: Fan Cowl Assembly

OEM GOODRICH STRUCTRURES P/N 314-2219-6 & P/N 314-2219-8

314-2219-6UA & 314-2219-8UA


Unical Aero Strike Plate P/N’s 314-2219-6UA and 314-2219-8UA will be similar to Goodrich Structures Strike Plate P/N’s 314-2219-6 and 314-2219-8 in fit, form, material and function.

The Strike Plates are installed on the P/N 314-2200 Series Fan Cowl Assembly at the Oil Tank Access Door for P/N 314-2219-6 and P/N 314-2219-8 for the Pressure Relief Door and the IDG Service/Access Door. The parts are riveted on the inside Cowling to serve as a stop plate and rigidity structure for actuation of the Access Door Latch’s. The Strike Plates are made of Stainless Steel 301 with a hard coat anodized surface.


B 737-600/-700/-800/-900 SERIES




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