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We call it our Expendable Inventory Support Program (EISP), and it’s specifically geared to saving you enormous sums of money by planning, procuring, transporting and managing your spare parts. We can significantly reduce your capital investment by minimizing or even eliminating your inventory, yet still ensure a steady supply of exactly the spare parts you need, whenever and wherever you need them:
  • The Vendor Managed Inventory Program gives you access to a reserve stock held at our facility instead of yours. You save on inventory holdings, yet have full access on demand, weekly, daily or hourly, with AOG shipments rated top priority.
  • The Consigned Stock Program places a full inventory of contract parts at your facility in addition to holding a safety stock at Unical’s headquarters. You have immediate access to the contract parts you use most, and full backup of parts ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice.
We’re literally experts at this. We monitor your account like a hawk, preventing shortages by carefully observing stock levels, shipments, and consumption patterns. Unical’s EISP delivers as promised, so you can maximize productivity, profitability and ROI. Contact Us For More Information

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