We won’t let you down. That’s why we have poured tremendous resources into developing a global supply chain of aircraft components and parts from OEMs, MROs, distributors and other suppliers of factory new, new surplus, overhauled, serviceable and as-removed parts.
We have a strong foundation through enduring relationships with suppliers of all types from around the world, in every material class including airframe, avionics, engines, expendables and consumables. These established relationships help us leverage a vast array of assets for acquisition, loan, lease and exchange. If your part isn’t under our roof, we’ll find and ship it to you anywhere in the world—fast.
And all materials are fully traceable to OEMs, FAA 121/129 and other carriers, and FAA 145 Repair Stations with applicable FAA 8130-3, JAA/EASA Form One, and other airworthiness documentation.
We value all of our on-going relationships, each based on mutual trust and respect. And as you look to us for solutions, we’ll always look out for you. The way we see it, we’re in this business together. That makes you our partner, too.