We couldn’t run a worldwide enterprise that sets the global standard without a strategic view of the future, great collaboration and shared values. This is how we think and operate to successfully deliver aircraft parts and solutions that solve everyday challenges in the commercial and military aerospace industry:
Unical Aviation is the Premier Provider in the aerospace industry.
By providing unrivaled value, we strive to be the Partner of Choice to our customers, suppliers, employees and financial stakeholders.
...Because It Makes Sense
• Excellence – we strive for the highest level of quality in all aspects of what we do
• Respect – we treat each other with dignity and we value the ideas and perspective each individual brings
• Accountability – we take full ownership of our actions and their outcomes
• Service – we give exceptional care to those who need and depend upon us
• Innovation – we lead, support and encourage change and the creative process
• Leadership – we are catalysts for change and commit to design and build a better future